Trading Performance Tracking:
The TradePoints Algorithm.

Keeping your trading performance under constant control and understanding how your trading rank is a mission critical for the Tradante trading system. Build your track record by getting TradePoints scored when a Trade (whether performed through a demo or a real trading account) is closed.

The TradePoints score for each trade is calculated by a custom algorithm that keeps in consideration multiple factors. Whether you trade a simulated-demo or a real account, your can track your performance like a professional.

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How TradePoint Scoring Works

Tracking Leaders: TradePoints

The “TradePoints Ranking Engine” analyzes each trade (including the ones made through demo accounts) and grades each by assigning an arbitrary amount of TradePoints. The back-office records along with your trade History, detailed logs of TradePoints scored per user, and creates Leaderboards listing members based on the amount of TradePoints Scored.

Your Public Profile

Always in Control of Your Personal Data

Tradante encourages its trades to network and share trading information with the common goal to improve trading performance and spread investing education. Members however have full control of which information is shared with the community. Public Trades, which are the only to receive TradePoints, are visible in the Tradante Order Book, the Volume Tool-Tips, and the Leaderboards Trade Logs. The information displayed to the community are however limited to the type of account (demo or live) the type of trade (certified or not) and the amount of TradePoints Scored.

Private Trades are not shared in the public profile and are not assigned TradePoints. Private Trades are still visible in the OrderBook and Volume Tooltips, however not information about the Trader are shared.

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How TradePoint Are Calculate for a Trade


The TradePoints assigned for each trade are calculated on the bases of a proprietary algorithm which uses multiple metrics including the different market conditions. Despite the most relevant factor remains the Profit and Loss generated by the trade, the Algorithm also consider these factors among others:

The algorithm will fairly assign scores on trades that create a coherent approach of the entire system where demo and live traders are given same opportunities to rank in the Leaderboards.

LeaderBoards and how you Rank

Tracking Leaders: LeaderBoards & Prices

Leaderboards are an engaging way to drive competition among traders to earn top positions spots in public Leaderboards, or simply for traders wishing to track their trading performance and progress for themselves or withing a group of friends. Leaderboards, are updated in real time and rank users based on the amount of TradePoints earned. A number of other analytical information complete the trader’s records.

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